I changed career paths several times before finally working in software development.

Both my degrees are in psychology and I worked in the field for a few years before moving away from helping people with their problems to... well... helping people with their problems. That's right, I landed a job in tech support!

The honest truth was that as much as I love psychology, I love computers more.

Now I commute into London from the lush greenery that is the English countryside[sic], working on enterprise front-end commodity trading solutions for the energy markets (what now?)

Not one to get complacent in life, I spend all my free time (when I'm not gaming) learning everything I can about computing and tech (or woodworking?). This could be anything from new languages to single-board-computers, DevOps tools (such as Docker), or how to build a robot.


To get out of tech support and fulfil my childhood dream of becoming a programmer (no joke, since I was 12 it was all I wanted to be), I had to do a lot of self-learning in my free time.

This little section here is an acknowledgement to those really helpful resources that aided me in my journey; and if you're in the same situation I was in, maybe they can help you too...